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Top Questions

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions that are not answered below. 

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What is Reiki? 
Reiki is a form of energy healing.  For a detailed description, click  

Is this a massage?  Do I take my clothes off?

NO.  It isn't a massage and please don’t.  It is hands-on, light-touch or no-touch energy healing.  Think Mr. Myagi in The Karate Kid movie, when he "heals" Daniel with his hands.  It’s sort of like that, but if need be, my hands can be hovering, instead of touching. For me personally, I feel that humankind has lost sight of the energetic and psychological benefits of compassionate, appropriate physical touch, so I prefer to work hands-on.  The choice will always remain yours, based on your level of comfort and boundaries.  There is some light tapping near the end of the treatment, but nothing like you would receive during a massage. Clothing is kept on at all times.

Are you a Psychic?

No.  I am not what one would consider a "Psychic".  All energy workers do have a touch of the "Claires" in them, but that is not the cornerstone of the of Reiki modality I practice.  I do ask every new client on their intake form if they are open to intuitive "hits", should I receive any (I don't always), but I will never just spring them on you.  Do not feel bad about saying "No" to this aspect.  I respect your boundaries. 

What if I get emotional during our session?

This is what is called an "emotional release" and it is a perfectly natural and extremely beneficial phenomenon to experience during any kind of energy work.  This is your body's way of releasing stagnant, toxic energy blockages and allowing room for the mind, body and spirit to accommodate the higher vibrational energies of Reiki.  I have had many clients cry, some that laugh hysterically, some that need to verbally get everything off their chest in that moment and another that jumped off my table, ran to the bathroom, threw up and came back a completely different person!  Just know that whatever you experience or do not experience is uniquely YOUR experience.  No two people feel the effects of the energy in the same way.  Whatever happens for you emotionally - know you are safe in my Dojo.  No judgement. No pressure to say more than you feel.  No one prodding you, attempting to "counsel" you.  Just a listening compassionate ear, warm hands and a safe space to let go of all the "things" that are holding you back from the life you desire.

How should I prepare for my first session?

No preparation needed!  When I receive reiki from others, I prefer to wear comfortable clothing, but it's completely up to you.  To de-stress before I arrive, I usually ensure that my family knows I'm taking some time for self-care and to not call me unless it's an emergency.  That is clearly not a requirement...maybe it's a mom thing?

What should I expect from my first session?

When you come to the studio for your initial visit, I will ask you to fill out a double sided form for your contact and medical information.  Once done, we will discuss your answers together so that I can make sure that I am completely understanding what brought you in to see me.  Afterwards, I will have you lay - fully clothed - on your back on the session table, to begin the process.  Healing is at it’s most effective when I can concentrate on you, in the moment without conversation, but that does not mean in any way that you are not free to get something off of your heart or let me know something important. The energy will flow whether I think about it or not. I will check-in with you regularly at first that you are comfortable, but then I will just let you enjoy your time of peace and take my cues from you.  Unless pre-paid, payment will be collected at the end of our session.

What is Distance Reiki and how does it work?

Distance Reiki is a method we use when clients are unable to the studio for whatever reason.  I send Distance Reiki to my family and clients in other provinces and countries regularly.  We agree upon a time for the session, we have a quick communication via text or video link, then we hang up.  They get comfortable for their session wherever they are and I do the same in my studio.  I text to tell them when I'm starting and then I text them again to say when I have finished.  THAT'S IT!  As to the "How?" of Distance Reiki, in scientific terms, it would be considered Quantum Entanglement.  In fact, Albert Einstein once described it as "Spooky Energy"! 

Do you work with people in hospital/hospice?  What about people with terminal illness or end-of-life situations?

Yes.  Absolutely!  In fact, in such situations, I am there for the family as a whole, not just for the patient.  Repeat hospital visits will be charged a service fee that has been agreed upon by all parties prior to the sessions.  My time, however, for hospice and end-of-life sessions for established clients is free of charge (within the Lower Mainland).  Those sessions are freely given of compassion.  It is not a cure, and it is not intended to replace a doctor/psychiatrists advice and/or care, but it can help bring a sense of peace and/or calm in a heartbreaking situation.  Please call me to discuss.  

Is Reiki safe for pregnancy?

Yes.  Reiki is beneficial and safe mother and child alike.  Reiki energetically supports during pregnancy, during the birthing process, as well as after delivery.  Reiki addresses the symptoms of many issues, ranging from a difficult and emotional pregnancy,  to a difficult delivery and recovery, as well as post-partum depression.  Reiki is born of love and source energy and can not harm the mother or the child.  

Do you work with children?  Is it safe?

Yes, I do work with children. In fact, I do sessions on my own regularly.  When I can see that they are spiralling in a negative direction or getting run-down, I bring them to my studio for a refresh and balancing session or do a distance session on them while they sleep.  When we are through, not only do they report "feeling waaaay lighter", they actually LOOK different. The light comes back into their eyes and their faces seem more open.  They hold their head higher.  They're smiling again. 💕


Sessions for children are typically shorter, depending upon the ability of the child to be still for any length of time.  What I have found works best with some kids is a distance session while they sleep :)  The attention span is taken out of the equation, mom and dad don't have too drive them anywhere and kids with social anxiety only have to come to see me ONE time to "connect" with me in person for a 20 minute session.  After that, we can do all of our sessions through the Distance method once they go to bed.  Give me a call and we can discuss all the various options.  It breaks my heart to see the littles carrying such heavy loads these days.  I would love to help.  

Reiki is safe in any amount, even for children. It is a complementary modality that can support western medicine in various ways, but it is not intended to replace the care and/or treatment of a licensed medical or psychological professional.   

I see that you are also an animal reiki practitioner.  Why can't I book it online?

Animal Reiki is a very different animal from Human Reiki.  We need to speak with the owners prior to coming on-site, etc., which makes a consultation prior to booking necessary.  

All sessions are 100% ANIMAL LED.  I come to you within the Lower Mainland.

Do you teach Reiki Classes or host Reiki shares? 

Yes to both! Not only do I teach, I also host monthly Reiki Shares in-studio so they have an opportunity to practice their new skill and work towards their practical hours for membership with the Canadian Reiki Association.  

The schedule can be found under the Classes tab or in the Newsletter 

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