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About Me

The title I Cherish most is Mom.   The title I hold most Sacred is Wife

The title that I am most Humbled and Honoured to have is Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki has been swirling around me, attempting to entice me to step into my ancestral healer role since my early 20s. First attuned as massage therapist to be more effective, I could FEEL the energy so strongly it weirded me out. My extra-sensory “Claire’s” had kicked into overdrive and freaked me out even  more!  I left massage, despite my reportedly “magic hands” and successful business. I moved to the corporate world, first as an Executive Assistant, later Facilities.  During those years, Reiki poked at me again through a lovely coworker and again, I declined. Eventually I became a wife and stay at home mom, giving up career and being blissfully happy as a mom.  Then, in 2020 my dad passed suddenly, my Crohns Disease was progressing and my pain was labelled "Chronic".  To me, that just meant they would give me stronger drugs.  Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I do not parent well from the floor.  Both felt like a physical punch to my soul.  My dad was gone and I didn't get to say goodbye.  My health was failing and I was scared.  I was doubled over in pain for hours every day.  I was grieving and also being forced to examine my own mortality with a child still to raise.  My mind screamed and pushed back in every way.  "This is not the life I had envisioned for myself or my family!"  I felt broken - Body, Mind and Spirit.  I wasn't "dealing" at all!  I couldn't seem to get a handle on my pain or my emotions. I was meditating, I was going for walks in nature, I was journalling...I was doing all the "things"!  



My life was still unfolding - there was no stopping that - but I had stopped listening to the whispers at my shoulder.  I was trying to control my life out of fear and it was spiralling more out of control.  One day I quite literally threw my hands up crying and yelled to the Universe, "What the hell do you want from me?  What am I doing wrong?" Now, my intuition has never steered my wrong, but there are times when I'm too stubborn and angry to listen to it.  That day I handed over all control of my life to the "powers that be".  I was clearly crashing the car, so it had to be better than what I was doing.  One night, I sat in the dark with my music, opened myself up to Spirit and waited for the whispers to come.  It was in those hours that those unheeded whispers became shouts that could no longer be ignored;  I needed to reach for help.  "Myself" couldn't do it anymore.  I stuffed my ego and pride and went in search of a method to control my emotional and physical pain in a holistic way.  Reiki popped up in my Google search as if to say, "Hey remember me?"  I closed my eyes, picked one and made an appointment for the next day.  First for healing, but with the thought of eventually being re-attuned.  

There was absolutely nothing profound about my experience.  No bells, no woo-woo spirits...I simply felt like I had laid on an uncomfortable table for an hour.  I left thinking it was a total waste of time and money.  Until about 3-days later.  That's when I started to notice a difference in my own thinking patterns.  They weren't so negative.  There was an essence of hope and peace behind my thoughts that hadn't been there since my 30's!  I had been fully stuck in a cycle of feeling sorry for myself, for losing my independence to chronic illness, feeling like a burden, a failure.  I had been emotionally punishing myself because, well.. I must have really effed up my karma somewhere along the line to end up like this, right?  LOL  I can laugh at it now, but it sure didn't seem funny then.  If I know anything now, it's that our thoughts have a very real and direct connection to our BODY.  Reiki allowed my Body, Mind and Spirit to rebalance their natural energetic rhythms and reintegrate them into my authentic self.  I went from a broken, defeated woman about to accept her "fate" and apply for Long Term Disability, to a woman who felt well enough to take the steps towards  opening her own Reiki studio!

Honestly, that first step was not easy.  I was already a little sketchy from past experiences, but I closed my eyes, pushed through it and stepped anyway.  Unfortunately for me, my first "Traditional Japanese Sensei" experience very quickly turned into a complete nightmare.  It shook my resolve. Shook me to my core. Is this what I really wanted?  It didn't take me long to realize it was the Universe poking at me again.  This rigid Sensei was my test.   Was I REALLY ready?  How bad did I want it?  Could I give it up so easily?  


I could feel how Reiki was changing my life slowly and I was NOT prepared to give it up.  I was thankful for the lesson of what type of Master and Teacher I DIDN"T want to become.  It strengthened my resolve to become a better ambassador for the Reiki Community than I had experienced.  I found another Sensei, a lovely compassionate woman, and completed my formal training all the way to Master, where I am today. I am grateful my soul knew I wasn’t ready way back then. The life experience I have gained in the past 30 years has tempered me, humbled me. I've matured and now I get it. I was born to do this, I can’t hide it and no longer want to.  I embrace it fully on a daily basis and find the utmost in fulfillment to see the beautiful changes in my clients lives.  They LOOK different from their first appointment through to their latest.  They look brighter, feeling lighter and their smile reaches their eyes.  The light of Reiki has become part of them.  I am honoured and humbled to my toes to have been the channel that made that possible for them.  


My studio is my Sacred Space.  It is my meditation space where I play with source energy and spirit. It's where I practice Self-Reiki for pain control and balance.  It is my cozy place to spend my time reading, journalling, meditating or just listening to music while I indulge in a daydream watching the birdies out my window.  It is a judgement free space.  It is a safe space where you can allow yourself to be vulnerable, away from prying eyes.  Beyond all, it is my Sanctuary.  My hope is that you will come to see it as yours too.    


In Gratitude,


Hands holding energy.


When you enter my studio and we meet for the first time, I want to sit with you for a while and get to know you. There’s no rush. It’s energy work, so let’s connect first. I am here to answer your questions and if I don’t know the answers, I will find them for you before our next visit.  If you are intrigued by the spiritual aspect of Reiki, please do not feel silly or shy for asking (although there are things meant for student-ears only that I will not discuss). It is not a taboo subject in my Dojo and I will do my best to guide you in a direction that feels most natural to you.  I periodically offer group meditation and open Reiki Shares that you are welcome to attend, even if you are not a current client or student.


Although one may feel like it at times,  (myself included) we are not broken. Our energies have shifted.  Our vibrations have lowered.  We have lost connection with ourselves, our emotions.  We wear shoes that block the energies of the Earth.  The truth is that usually everything we need can be found inside and around us.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed and our energy centres get “muddy” and out of balance.  When that happens it becomes hard to see any light seeping in through the cracks in our days.  Each of our sessions together will filter through a layer of energetic gunk, moving things about; allowing that light back in - and we continue to build.  We will come up with a strategy together, take a few minutes to chat and check in at the beginning of each appointment for progress and adjust as needed. This is about you. I’m just holding the space for you and holding the door open for the energies to connect.


At some point in your session, I may receive intuitive "hits" regarding your psychological/emotional blockages.  I may describe what I am seeing/feeling/knowing in that moment or I may receive a verbal "message" direct from source/spirit.  I will never pass messages that are detrimental to your spirit.  Only those energies/spirits/guides working for your highest good, born of the highest wisdom, compassion and unconditional love are permitted.  I ask every new client on their first visit if they are okay or weirded out by this and adjust accordingly.  I will never offer you "hits" or "messages" without first receiving your permission to do so.  

As with any program, be it diet, exercise or medication, a body will get the most out of it with consistency, a positive outlook and a genuine effort to move forward.  I have found that clients have the best results when they don’t over-think it. Just be in the moment or have a nap and allow the healing energies to flow where they are needed the most without preconceived notions or expectations. 

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