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If you don't make time for your Wellness, you will be forced to take time for your illness.  Read that again.


Corporate Wellness Program   /   Group Classes   /   Weekend Retreats

Are your staff struggling with their mental and physical health?

Let me design your Reiki Corporate Wellness Program!  

The benefits of Reiki to you, your staff and management cannot be overstated or exaggerated!  A number of progressive companies, hospitals, and hospices, are now providing Reiki as a complementary benefit to support the health and wellbeing of employees, patients, and residents alike.  Reiki can be provided in any setting, whether you are in a tower in the downtown core, or a street-level business.  Sessions can be held in the boardroom, spa/salon, hospital, private home, Reiki studio, clinic setting, or treatment centre.  With just some simple preparations, Reiki can be offered in a safe, professional manner with little fuss.  You can choose to offer your employees access to Reiki wellness before, during or after the work day, at employee Health and Wellness events and/or as a funded extended benefit.



  • Improves productivity,

  • Increases engagement scores,

  • Increases creativity,

  • Improves biological processes and cognitive functioning,

  • Decreases sick time,

  • Decreases personal time off due to stress and burnout,

  • Improves responses to stressful situations,

  • Improves relationships with co-workers. 

  • Fosters a Growth Mindset,

  • Makes staff feel valued, mitigating retention issues and churn,

  • Promotes positive feelings, 

  • Promotes cooperation.

Corporate Wellness Program

For a flat rate of $975.00, I will come to your office once a month to support you and your staff.  This will be done through a booking calendar provided by Spirit River Reiki and will not take up any of your administrative professionals time or resources.  I will handle all logistical details and endeavour to be as "invisible" during my time there as possible.  I will commit to a maximum of 8 staff (45-60 minute), or 15 staff (30-45 minute) sessions during the course of one normal business day.  The flat rate fee is "all in" and includes all materials and travel time within a 25km radius of the Langley, BC studio.  


Group Classes/Weekend Retreats

Team building group classes or weekend retreats for Level I (Self-Care) are a unique way to bring staff together in a completely different dynamic!  Due to the nature of holistic practices, employees must step out of their rigid comfort zones and be open to a different way of interacting with their environment and coworkers.  These classes require students to see the world through a different lens/perspective , greatly increasing their individual and group creativity as well as bringing them together in the shared experience of learning a new skill together that is not "work related", per se.  



Accommodating.  Reiki sessions can adapt to the recipient situation.

Non disruptive.  The client can receive a Reiki session then continue on with their day.

Flexible.  It uses minimal equipment, space and time.  

Visits to your workplace can be arranged on a whole or half-day basis depending on the size of your workforce and the desire for Reiki sessions by your management and staff.  All that is required is a quiet designated area to do the session, ideally away from telephones and conversations.  If your workplace is not quiet, that will not be a problem as sessions can be done in any environment.


For simplicity, sessions may be done in chairs.  The receiver remains fully clothed at all times.  Even shoes can remain on for the duration.  If you prefer, the Reiki practitioner can bring a portable Reiki table to your workplace, providing you have a suitable area to set the table up in.  Table sessions will be done with the receiver remaining fully clothed, however shoes will need to be removed so as to not damage the table.


It is important to note that workplace sessions can be shortened to 30-45 minutes from the typical 60-90 minutes in order to reduce disruption to the work day and to provide Reiki to as many staff members and management as possible.  A shortened session is still very beneficial and if the receiver wishes, they can book a private session outside or working hours with the Practitioner to do further healing and releasing. 


The experience of Reiki refreshes, renews and rebuilds.  The real question is why not Reiki?

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