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Workshops for Both Adults and Children.

Do you like the idea of Meditation, but the stress and anxiety of trying to "Quiet your mind."  (Ya, right!)  and  "Focus on your breath"  (Why does this always make me hyperventilate?) make you NOPE right out of there?  Perhaps you've previously attempted it but became frustrated because you thought you were doing it "wrong" and then just quit altogether?  

It doesn't HAVE to be complicated.

I will teach you how to incorporate "Mindful Moments" throughout your day,

eliminating the stress of fitting "Meditation" into your already busy schedule.  


In the Classroom:

-  Increased emotional regulation.

-  Increased attention.

-  Better grades.

-  Improved self-esteem and self-worth

-  Encourages resilience with a mindset for growth. 

-  Less disruptive

In the Workplace:

-  Increased emotional regulation.

-  Increased creativity.

-  Increased patience.

-  Increased productivity.

-  Increased coping skills.


Improves Wellbeing:  Room is made for joy to re-enter your days through "The little pleasures in life."  

People are more likely to engage with the world around them as they find themselves less worried about the future

and no longer focusing on the regrets of the past.  This allows us to become more secure in ourselves, more grounded

and peaceful and makes room for compassion, empathy and love towards ourselves and others.  

Improves Physical Body:  Mindfulness can relieve stress, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and improve sleep.

Improves Mental Health:  Can help alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders,

inter-personal conflict, just to name a few.  


Private Group Workshops are available to book for groups of 10 people or more. 

Perfect for Corporate Personal Development and Wellness Initiatives/Retreats.

*Please contact for Pricing.

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