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Reiki ShareS & CLASSES

Reiki Shares

Walnut Grove studio. Open to all levels and the un-attuned wanting to learn more.

All Reiki Shares are once a month on a Thursday @ 6:00pm unless otherwise stated.

Reiki energy flows best in a laid back, easy environment and that is what you will find at a Spirit River Reiki share night. My studio is a supportive environment and Reiki is Love. Here we share source energy, experiences and laughter, have an opportunity to ask questions and of course, receive a reiki session each!

The energetic exchange cost is $5.00, put towards either the Food Bank or student Sponsorship. There are two jars, the choice will be yours.

Please be sure to indicate whether you will be bringing a friend as space is limited to 5.


Hands in a circle

I always learn something new and wonderful at these shares and have met some of the most incredible people that I now call friends. I look forward to meeting you too!

Light and Love,



(If booking for future shares, click "Book Now" and navigate

in the calendar to the date you would like to sign up for.)

Reiki Classes
Level I (Shoden)
Care of Self and Family


The next Level I (Shoden) class is tentatively scheduled for March of 2024.  

Classes require a minimum of (4) students to take place

Prospective students will be contacted through email with upcoming Class dates and times. 

Click                to be added to the Waiting List. 

Reiki Hands



  • Helps us feel more in control of our own emotions.

  • Allows us to feel as if we are no longer a passenger in our own life.

  • Strengthens our connection to our higher-self.

  • Supports us through illness and injury.

  • Supports us through depression, grief and trauma.

  • Allow us to support and bring comfort to grandparents and aging parents.

  • Supports every age and every stage.  From the colds, anxiety and broken hearts of youth to the stressed-out and burnt-out years of "adulting"to the emotional days of caring for our aging parents and/or transitioning grandparents. 

Experience for yourself what Reiki can do and share it with those you love the most!  


* Students must be 18 years of age or older.

It is HIGHLY recommended that students have at least 3 personal Reiki Sessions with a  Certified Reiki Practitioner prior to taking classes.

Day 1 - Saturday

Students will learn about Reiki, its origin/history and the various ways to use it in everyday life. The precepts and their importance will be introduced and practiced. The first symbol will be explained and each student will be attuned to Reiki energy. Ample time to practice and ask questions will be given after the lunch break. A simple meditation will be taught and practiced by the group. It’s easy, I promise! No prior meditation experience necessary.


Day 2 - Sunday
We start with a quick review of the previous day, allowing time for any questions. Students will be attuned a second time and various practice techniques will be explained and demonstrated. In the afternoon, students will be attuned for a third time and again be given practice time as a group to build their confidence.


We finish with a small ceremony where students will receive their certificates of completion. All students will continue to receive my support for as long as they feel they need it. Bi-monthly reiki shares will also be held at the studio where students can further their practice within a safe, supportive community.

*Upon completion of this course, students may apply to become a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

It is important to me that students feel comfortable and confident in their abilities before they receive their completion certificate.  I will verbally teach for much of the first morning, but once we really get into it, you will have many hands-on opportunities to practice with your classmates under my direction and supervision.  Please be aware that although Reiki is gaining ground in some scientific circles, the practice remains one of body, mind and SPIRIT. As such, meditation/mindfulness exercises are essential and will be taught and practiced in class.  Reiki is NOT based upon any religion, but it IS spiritual by nature.  I leave it fully within the students free will to name the higher powers of the universe for themselves what they are comfortable with.   *ALL races and religious beliefs are welcomed and respected in my Dojo.


Please wear comfortable clothing and bring along a lunch and some water each day.

Small snacks and refreshments will be provided.  Class sizes are purposely kept small (max. 6 students) to ensure that everyone has ample time for practice and to get comfortable with their skill level before receiving their certification.


Class Cost: $325.00 - includes 2-days of instruction, course manual and life-time support. 

Location:  Spirit River Reiki Studio

9488-209b Crescent, Langley


A 50% ($162.50) non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space in the class.

The remaining 50% ($162.50) fee is due one week prior to the class date. 

If you have fully paid and need to cancel last-minute due to illness, a credit for the full class amount

will be applied to your account for a later class date.  *

Class fees on account cannot be redeemed for individual Reiki Sessions.  
There will be no refunds given after final payment.  Only credit will be extended. 
(Credit will be applied to your account to attend the next available class.)







(If the class you are looking for does not show up, click "Book Now" and navigate to the date you are looking for.  Please choose "20 hours" under Duration to capture both days in the calendar.)  

Shoden Graduates

What students are saying:

"Kelly is a wonderful teacher and I would absolutely recommend her class to others."  T.S

"Excellent Sensei, Very informative, Answered questions.  Loved her class."  G.M

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